Hello! I'm Kat Northern Lights Man

I'm an urban planner and photographer based in Toronto, Canada. I also have experience with web development, digital design, and linux system administration.

Cities Are For People

I'm passionate about social justice and sustainability. That's why spaces that allow people to thrive inspire me.

I draw inspiration from around the world to develop creative solutions to re-designing our cities with physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health in mind.


I Care About People

I study urban planning at Ryerson University. There, I serve as a two term councilor on our planning student board. I've organized an community planning panel with Indigenous elders at RUExpo. I participated in and won a design competition with HOKArchitects on reimagining Univesity Avenue thanks to my focus on serving people.

I’m plugged in to the social and political issues and events involving planning.


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